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The doctor cosmetologist makes the Rejuvenating facial injections procedure for tightening

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

"Botox" / "Dysport"

Those pesky lines we start to see across our face, primarily around the forehead and eye region often intensify as we age. Forehead lines, the frown lines in-between our eye (often referred to as elevens) and the crows feet around the eye are the most common areas to teat. Placing small amounts of neuromodulator (the product) in those areas can smooth out those lines creating a youthful, refreshed and rested appearance.  ​ However, we can also use neuromodulator treatments to help correct a downward turned smile, relieve jaw pain from clenching or grinding of the teeth and to help correct a smile.  Have you ever looked at a photo or in the mirror while you smile and noticed that your top lip curls in? Often referred to as a gummy smile. By placing a small amount of neuromodulator beside your nose and/ or above the border of your upper lip, we can help that top lip to "flip out" which creates a more full, natural looking smile. This can sometimes be referred to as a "lip flip". The Lip Flip is a great add-on treatment to lip fillers as it helps the upper lip to look more volumized and create that perfect pout. ​ The Process I always start by discussing what your goals and your budget are, to make sure we develop a plan that accomplishes those goals in a safe and effective manner. Once we finalize the plan than I start the treatment by cleaning the area we will be injecting. Once it is thoroughly cleaned than we complete the injections, chat about post-care instructions and book a follow-up for 2 weeks.  Anti-wrinkle treatments can take up to 2 weeks to see the full effect of the treatment and requires a touch-up approximately every 3-4 months. ​ ​


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